payroll outsourcingPayroll outsourcing, which involves employing an outside agency to do the routine work of managing salary, its calculation and payment, along with any other related functions, has transformed into an extremely successful industry.



One of the most significant breakthroughs in the field of management, according to the Harvard Business School, is outsourcing. The strategy to outsourcing is to, firstly identify the core activities which are the essence of the company and turn the management’s focus on these, while concurrently transferring the other activities on a recurring basis, to a service provider who specializes in them.


We process your allowances and deductions, generate payroll, statutory reports, bank crediting files, as well as traditional paper printed payslips or the encrypted electronic payslips for your employee to view it from their e-mail with total security measurements.


We can take on all your Payroll and HR problems with no initial investment and at the same time reduce overheads of your payroll department. We will process your payroll for you monthly off-site and provide reports, both statutory reports and customized reports based on your requirements.



Examples of these reports are:


Payslips (using envelope payslip or send via e-mail directly to employees e-mail)
Payroll Detail (in grouping by sector , department or category)
Bank Advice/Banker's List (auto bank transfer & cheque payments)
EPF Borang A/Borang A Diskette Format
Socso Borang 8A/Borang 8A Diskette Format
Income Tax Borang CP39 (monthly)/Borang CP39 Diskette Format, CP8A, CP159 & EA (yearly)
Amanah Saham Bumiputera
Lembaga Tabung Haji listing
Adhoc reports as and when required
and many more...


Professional Payroll & HR Solutions


Why Outsource to CNL?


Cost savings for the company on outsourcing payroll processing are extremely significant and can go up to 50% at times
Cost reductions and cost effectiveness can be achieved
Productivity is improved, as service quality provided is excellent and this frees the company from non-income generating tasks
Latest technology and software for payroll processing are used
Our team has a highly specialized and expansive knowledge base in payroll & statutory requirements of Malaysia
We are committed to providing a fast, efficient and cost-effective service
Your company information will be treated with utmost confidentiality
Avoid the hassle of staff turnover. You don’t have to re-hire and re-train someone new to handle your payroll
Direct Deposit. You can offer your employees a convenience-direct deposit. No more bothersome trips to the bank and this saves time too
We provide all the statutory and compliances related updates, notifications to all our clients timely and keep a check that all the reminders/ alerts/ documents submission are in the knowledge of clients.
Better security and confidentiality. Prevents leak out of payroll information
Giving you peace of mind!


Below are the 5 monthly processing steps:-


payroll process flow
     Role by client
     Role by CNL Solutions

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